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Buy Pot Seeds Online

Buy Pot Seeds Online

Archeological evidence suggests that cannabis dates back to 10,000 years in Asia. Human cultivation led to the split of marijuana into different types. Understanding the different kinds of marijuana seeds is essential for the beginning grower. You want to quickly discern between genders, main cannabis seeds types, and types of strains. It is better that you do not experiment with all different kinds of seeds if you wish to maintain a catalog of all products and their effects.

Types of cannabis seeds


Regular seeds yield the most standard cannabis plant. The process of creating regular seeds is a natural growth process that happens due to genetic engineering. Experienced growers prefer to buy this pot seeds online because they offer the starter a better idea of the best care of cannabis seeds. The only concern is that regular seeds are highly likely to produce a female plant. It is best to consider the following other types if you want a specific gender plant.


Premium quality feminized cannabis seeds eliminate the possibility of removing a male plant. Growers have easy farming because they do not have to sort out male plants. They require the same amount of care as regular plants, with slightly easier cultivation – they need less light than regular seeds to bloom. It is better that you adjust the photoperiod if you want to get the full production.


These seeds have the highest popularity among seasoned and beginning growers. Autoflowering seeds do not need the same level of care as feminized plants. Their blooming process depends on their plantation location; hence, they do not have a strict growth phase.

The standard photoperiod of autoflowering plants is 18 to 6 hours of complete darkness. You only have to wait for autumn to have an easy growth process. The comparison with a feminized plant reveals that the autoflower plant has a faster and easier growth process. Growers can harvest 3 to 4 crops each year, depending on all other growth conditions.

The difference between feminized and autoflowering seeds depends on the following factors:

  • Amount of experience
  • Location of the crops
  • Expected yields from the plants

The experienced grower will buy pot seeds online that yield the highest produce buy feminized cannabis seeds. People who need a discrete growth experience opt for the autoflower because it is shorter and will perform well on an apartment’s balcony.

710 seeds

The abbreviation 710 represents OIL. Growers looking to buy 710 seeds have the intention of getting the highest THC concentration possible. The most outstanding benefits for 710 cannabis seeds include their easy edibility and oil extraction process. The 710 seeds available on Weed Seeds USA are known as autoflowering and feminized seeds.

All 710 seeds look alike; hence you cannot know the difference if you wish to buy pot seeds online. You should purchase marijuana seeds for sale from a reputable seller with an enhanced production process. We have a safe shipping system and an easily accessible communication channel if you have further concerns.



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